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We, Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd are a sole Proprietorship Enterprise, founded by Mr Dai Guo Fang in August 2010 with more than 10000 employees. We apply significant expertise of RKEF(Rotary Kiln-electric furnace) flowchart in our industrial complex to process laterite nickel ore, imported from Philippine and Indonesia, into liquid nickel irons (ferronickel) by smelting & refining method, with annual capacity of 1 million tons of nickel irons,  and then the liquid nickel irons are hot loaded and hot charged into VOD, and LF afterwards and cast stainless steel slabs finally. We also have 1450 hot rolling mill to process the slabs into hot rolled stainless steel coils with annual capacity of 2 million tons.

We are now erecting two other industrial complex and they will commence production in 2019.
1). More than 30 RKEF lines and a stainless steel smelting and casting works, with capacity up to 3 million tons of stainless steel slabs
2). One 2550 combined hot rolling & pickling complex to make hot rolled pickled coils up to 2 meters width, and 3.5 million tons capacity; a 1450 continuous cold rolling mill, with annual capacity up to 2 million tons.

We also built our own docks( wharf) , with annual 10 million tons of handling capacity, only miles away from our steel works.
In 2020 we will reach annual production capacity of more than 5 million tons of 300 series stainless steel hot rolled coils and 2 million tons of cold rolled coils, with annual sales volume up to 100 billion yuan in RMB.

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